Boudoir Shoot Outfit Ideas

Christmas and the holidays are coming up and I’ve been hearing from tons of ladies who want to give their man a sexy gift this year! Boudoir Shoots are so much fun and all about celebrating what an incredible woman you are! Your Boudoir Shoot will ignite confidence, excitement, and romance!

So now that you’ve booked your shoot or now that you’re seriously considering it, what are you going to wear? This is the perfect excuse to go shopping, or add some fun accessories to what you already have! When deciding what to wear at your Boudoir Shoot, it’s really important that you feel attractive and sexy in it.

We all have something we don’t like about our bodies, but your Boudoir Shoot is all about celebrating what you LOVE about yourself! It may not be easy to think positively about yourself at first, but I encourage you to find at least one feature to say, “DANG! I LOOK GOOD!” about. That’s what you should focus on. Ask yourself, does this outfit show off my favorite features? Remember, true beauty comes from within, so the best boudoir photographs are created when you feel good!

Another thing to focus on when choosing your outfits is FIT. Don’t be concerned about numbers and letters when you’re buying lingerie or clothes – I promise to not photograph the size tag! Enhance your shape with lingerie that fits in all the right places, but isn’t too snug. I highly suggest getting fitted every 6 months or anytime your weight changes – it’s amazing what the correct bra size will do to enhance your shape!

The more outfits and accessories you bring, the more choices we will have to create a VARIETY of styled looks. I suggest 3 to 5 outfits, but only bring what makes you feel amazing. Keep things interesting with a variety of colors, fabrics, and shapes. When it comes to color, black is classic and slimming, but try not to bring only black outfits. I love how romantic pastel colors and shades of white look! If you’re feeling fierce, choose outfits with a pop of color – especially purple, red, and hot pink!

Everyone’s version of sexy is different. Here are outfit ideas you could bring:

  • Cocktail Dress  | You don’t need to wear lingerie in your boudoir photographs. If you feel sexy in what you’re wearing, it will give the photographs a boudoir feel. If you’re shy in front of the camera, this may be a great first outfit.
  • Oversized Knitted Sweater  |  You’ve gotta see how cute this look is on my Pinterest Board for boudoir outfits! It’s important that it’s either oversized or long. It looks best when the sweater is V-neck or loose enough to be off-the-shoulder. I prefer chunky-thick knitted sweaters, or ultra-thin knitted sweaters, or lace-sheer sweaters.
  • Corset  |  Curves are gorgeous! Whether you have a straight shape or curvy shape, corsets create the illusion of an hourglass figure, or enhance it even more. If you’re concerned about your tummy, corsets are a fitted yet flattering look that will make anyone feel confident!
  • Babydolls or Rompers  |  These are my styles of choice for a romantic look – especially if they are pastel, nude, or white colored!
  • Bra and Panty  |  It’s all in the details. Lace, chiffon, sheer, and jeweled details really make a bra and panty set stand out from the everyday look. Bras and panties can be photographed alone, as a set, or paired with accessories. They are also helpful when setting up for implied nude poses, if that’s something you would like.
  • Short Robe or Wrap  |  Best in lace or silk. Robes and wraps have a slimming effect with the deep-V neckline and tied waist. Sheer lace robes/wraps can be layered over bra and panty sets.
  • Bridal Whites for Bridal Boudoir |  If you’re getting married, bring a white or cream set of lingerie, nude colored or “bridal blue” colored high heels, and a veil. Most brides end up using this outfit on their wedding night, so you’re really just shopping ahead!
  • His Work Clothing  |  If your man wears a button up dress shirt to work, or if he has a work uniform like armed forces or fireman or construction worker, bring it along! Pair his outfit with a matching colored or nude colored bra and panty set. Try to borrow it without him noticing so that it’s a surprise when he see the photographs! “Hey, that’s my shirt!”

It’s all in the details! Here are a accessories that will glam up your look:

  • High Heels  |  Black high heels are a must! High and slim heels work best, not wedges or low heels. Don’t worry about comfort because you’ll probably be wearing them while sitting or laying down more than standing.  Leopard heels look great with black lingerie.
  • Stockings  |  Thigh highs are the perfect way to lengthen your legs and glam it up! A must have if your panties have garters attached, or if you have a garter belt.
  • Suspenders  |  So NOT Urkle! Suspenders definitely have style, somewhere between Geeky-Chic and Hepburn-inspired menswear, when attached to your panties.
  • Cardigan  |  Black, nude, and grey colored cardigans are incredible for laying over lingerie! Please bring any cardigans of you have in those colors, not just one. They provide a cozy, slimming, and stylish look!
  • Team Jersey  |  If you or your man have a favorite team, bring a jersey! I consider it an accessory because there are only a limited number of poses for jerseys. Definitely bring it, but just know that you should also bring 3-5 other outfits.
  • Necklaces  |  Long necklaces are great because they give you something to play with, and drape beautifully between cleavage. Consider large statement necklaces, too.
  • Stacks of Pearl Necklaces  |  Layer it up with tons of pearls in various lengths. For a completely chic and somewhat daring look, pair the pearl necklaces with only an ivory or pink panty.
  • Gloves  |  Lace or satin gloves, any length! Black colored or white colored typically look best.
  • Faux Fur Cape/Coat/Blanket  |  Get wrapped up in the luxurious fur look! Try pairing it with a nude or white colored bra and panty set.
  • Fashion Glasses  |  Glasses can give you a Sexy Librarian look or a Sexy Geeky Chic look. If you actually wear reading glasses, bring them along.
  • Hair Accessories  |  Check out Etsy for vintage inspired hats/fascinators, feather headbands, chiffon flower clips, and more!

Prior to the shoot, we will talk about what style you’re looking for, what to bring to your shoot, and other details that will make sure you have a fun experience in a comfortable setting! I’d love to answer any more questions you may have about what to wear, so please leave a comment below or email me. I can’t wait to see all the outfits and accessories you bring to the shoot!

Looking for some visual inspiration? Check out my Pinterest Board for boudoir outfits, which even includes links to outfits you can buy online!

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